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Thanks for signing up to help turnout the vote!

Turnout Nation empowers volunteers called Captains to help their friends vote. Here's how it works:
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Attend a 20 Minute Zoom Orientation

on how to use our the app tools to help your friends vote. 

Add Your Friends

Add the names of people you want to help vote. We won't sell anyone's data.

Ensure They're Registered

If any of them are not registered, you’ll work with them to get registered - we’ll give you the info you need. 

Make an Impact

An organizer will give you everything you need to keep your voters updated. 

To become a Captain, sign up for a one-time 20 minute zoom orientation here:
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A Columbia University study of Turnout Nation's voter turnout method found it to be ​10x more effective than door-to-door canvassing. Organizers provide support and tools along the way as well as verified community service hours. We're nonpartisan and will not sell or your data under any circumstances. We're conducting another trial with Columbia University to test this method in a general election. We offer the option to be a part of this trial and can ensure that your data will still be anonymous and protected.

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