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Meet the Turnout Nation Team

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Mark Mullen

Mark Mullen founded Turnout Nation over four years ago as a way to help return political power to the American people. He cares deeply about small “d” democracy, community, neighborhoods, bicycles, books, swimming, and how we can all be better citizens.


Mark also founded Transparency International in the Republic of Georgia and has spent decades monitoring and facilitating elections in democracies in East Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

Location: San Francisco, CA

Pronouns: He/him



Kendall Lareau 
Executive Director

Kendall has worked in electoral politics for the last 5 years in various roles, ranging from Organizer to Campaign Manager. While on campaigns, she specialized in relational organizing and worked hard to expand and highlight the effectiveness of friend-to-friend outreach.

Kendall joined the team at the start of 2022 to use her passion for relational organizing full-time. With Turnout Nation, she hopes to discover ways of improving relational and sharing that knowledge to increase voter turnout all across the country.

In her free time, Kendall enjoys hanging out with friends, spending time with her dog, and watching Star Trek.

Location: Houston, Texas

Pronouns: She/her


Meaghan Castle.jpg

Meaghan Castle
Operations Manager

Meaghan is an operations expert with extensive experience in tech management and non-profit film production. At Turnout Nation, she ensures all administrative, financial, and people-related processes run as effectively as our Captain method! Meaghan has grown and evolved with Turnout Nation since January 2020 and loves contributing to our mission to help communities across the U.S. GOTV. 


Meaghan is also a copywriter and editor and holds an MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts.


Away from screens, you can find Meaghan somewhere in the woods or on a lake (preferably both!) or in the kitchen developing recipes.

Location: Upstate New York

Pronouns: She/her



Reilly Jackman
Social Media Manager

Reilly is a graduate of Oberlin College, where she studied History, German, and Politics. She was also a Cole Scholar in the Oberlin Initiative in Electoral Politics program and played Varsity Women’s Lacrosse.


She has been with Turnout Nation since 2020 in various roles, such as Voting Captain, Pennsylvania Organizer, and Research & Outreach Specialist. She is currently working as Turnout Nation’s Social Media Manager, where she creates content for, posts to, and oversees our social media accounts.


Reilly is currently living in Austria for the year as a US Teaching Assistant in Austrian Secondary schools. So, in her free time, you can find her practicing her German, wandering in the Alps, or trying to convince Austrians to play lacrosse with her.

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Pronouns: She/her



Dionna La'Fay
Texas Organizer

With over 5 years of nonprofit and community engagement experience, Dionna has a reputation of promoting advocacy for a more just democracy. By emphasizing the power of voting, she believes organizing can bring systemic change to marginalized groups while improving community decision-making. 


Dionna is also currently working on her master's in Public Administration at the University of North Texas.

In her free time, Dionna enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and actively practicing her faith.

Location: Dallas, TX

Pronouns: She/her


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