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Partner With Turnout Nation

We realize the tremendous amount of time that goes into local and national organizing. Collaboration is essential, both for turning out the vote as well as pushing for change in ways other than voting. We offer timely resources, organizing, and training on the Voting Captain method to partners that want to get more people voting in their own networks. If your organization members may be interested in amplifying their impact in this election and beyond by becoming Voting Captains, we'd love to work with you. Email to get started.

We are particularly looking for organizations that focus on young people in North Carolina and Nevada and want to encourage voter turnout. Is that you? Let us know!

Current Partners:

IGNITE is a movement of young women who are ready and eager to become the next generation of political leaders.

Vote With Love is a nonpartisan civic engagement effort designed to grow empathy and help voters prepare to cast a more thoughtful and informed vote. The votes we cast this year will significantly impact present and future generations.

Hack the Hood empowers under-resourced youth of color with knowledge, skills, and relationships needed to succeed in tech careers. Through mentorship, culturally-relevant knowledge, 21st-century skills, and community partnerships, we believe youth can become creators of change in their communities. creates non-partisan campaigns and programs to support teenage voter registration and voting.

Our bi-yearly branded campaigns welcome each new group of 16, 17, and 18-year-olds who will come of age during that election cycle.

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