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Turnout Nation Seeks a Community Organizer

Turnout Nation is a progressive non-partisan, non-profit, fiscally sponsored organization. We are dedicated to increasing voter turnout in US elections by supporting volunteers who each help a designated group of friends, neighbors, classmates, or relatives to vote. Turnout Nation volunteers, also known as “Voting Captains,” have produced the highest percentage point increase in voter turnout to ever result from a randomized control trial. Our 2023 focus is to improve, test, and grow our effective volunteer program in battleground states among young voters and voters of color. 


The Organizer will work closely with the Executive Director and volunteers to execute research trials and grow the movement. The role will require applicants to:


  • Meet with community leaders to form relationships and rapport

  • Recruit captains through personal and professional connections

  • Follow up with any leads on Captains

  • Train Captains on software and techniques

  • Manage Captains- reach out weekly to ask for updates or if they need anything

  • 1-on-1s- meet with captains who seem all-in or excited to have them recruit others

  • Keep records of communications and interactions with Captains through google sheets

  • Meet with the Executive Director at least once a week to discuss the project

The best candidates will have: 

  • Commitment to relational, or friend-to-friend organizing. 

  • Previous experience with startup or grass root campaigns or organizations.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Proven capacity to meet program goals.

  • Experience managing and cultivating relationships with allies and partners.

  • Experience, practical or academic, with statistical analysis or randomized control trials.

The Turnout Nation team is dispersed so all communication will be virtual. The compensation for this position is $20 per hour, with an estimated 15-25 hours per week, but can be adjusted based on need.

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