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Become a Fayetteville Organizer

Turnout Nation Organizers are leaders that represent and recruit Voting Captains for upcoming elections in their local area. In addition to finding, recruiting, and engaging volunteers in Fayetteville, you will get training and support from Turnout Nation, as well as access to our "Community Calls" with other Organizers in NC and other states. 

Turnout Nation Organizers - Fayetteville

As a Fayetteville Organizer, you will act as a representative in Fayetteville in the leadup to local 2021 elections. You’ll help recruit, organize, and engage a team of "Voting Captains" in your community. 

Voting Captains are local volunteers who each commit to getting 10 friends to vote. Turnout Nation provides orientation sessions for Voting Captains on how to get out the vote with people they know. Equipped with our technology tool, the Empower App, Voting Captains will get key election information and reminders so their friends never miss an important deadline. Organizers who are also students can participate in our Student Organizing Fellows program and get credits and/or participate in a voter education project.

According to a Tufts Circle 2020 report, nearly ⅓ of young people would participate in civic engagement if given an easy opportunity. Not only will you help raise turnout in a local election, you will also offer a first step for many in becoming more civically engaged in future elections or movements. Currently we offer a 3-month Organizer opportunity in NC. This is a paid position with access to training and mentorship from Turnout Nation and Organizing Empowerment. For Organizer and Student Fellowship FAQs, click here.

2021 Fellowships

Click here for the 3-month job description.

Student Organizing Fellows and non-student Organizers will have slightly different responsibilities, but the overall organizing work of the role will be very similar. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us on

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