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Become a

Voting Captain

Thanks for helping your friends vote on Nov 3rd! We've partnered with to help make sure even more of your friends vote again on January 5th. Here's how it works:

Get connected on the app!

Join the Empower app and get voting resources, tips, & deadline reminders

Brainstorm 10 friends

Build a list of people you want to help vote. We don't sell or share anyone's data.

Reach  out

Make an impact

You are a trusted source for your friends. Help provide them with the voting info they need.

Check in with people on your list - what are their voting plans?

Ready to get going?

Click below to get the app. You'll find a short 6-min orientation video once you're on the app. 
If you'd like us to get you started over the phone, schedule a quick 1:1 call here
Why join Turnout Nation captains in making a difference? 

You know your friends best. Having a quick chat about voting with a friend is more genuine and persuasive than getting endless calls and texts from strangers. 

There's no pressure to talk about a specific candidate or political party. To amplify your impact, all you have to do is use Turnout Nation resources to help people make their voting plan, so their voice can be represented in our government. We can also verify community service hours. 

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