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Turn up, Turn out. Tik Tok and Instagram Challenge Rules. 

Turnout Nation TikTok and Instagram Voter Registration Challenge Guide


The Turnout Nation TikTok and Instagram Voter Registration Challenge is open to anyone willing to participate! However, to qualify for any of the prizes, participants must be: under 25 years of age; a first-time voter and/or individual that has registered to vote within the last five (5) years.


To enter, create a 15-60-second-long video with the hashtag #turnupturnoutchallenge and post on TikTok or Instagram stories or reels along with sending Turnout Nation a direct message with your full name and zip code to verify registration status. Additionally, each entry is required to tag Turnout Nation’s TikTok or Instagram account, share the challenge with friends, and follow Turnout Nation on social media.


Video rules and challenge guidelines:

• Absolutely no cursing, drug paraphernalia, or inappropriate gestures.

• Videos cannot be political (for example, you cannot endorse a party or candidate).

• Videos must be between 15-60 seconds long.

• You are encouraged to get creative with the videos through the use of art, humor, props, etc.

• You may create multiple videos, but only one will submission to confirm registration status will be accepted.

• Videos must address at least one of the following topics:

• Registering to vote and/or encouraging your friends to register to vote

• Becoming a Captain with Turnout Nation to help get your friends to vote

• Videos posted on TikTok and Instagram must use the hashtag(s) #turnupturnoutchallenge, #turnoutnation, and

• Submissions must be received by 11:59pm on October 5, 2020.



• Every video submitted on TikTok or Instagram will qualify for a prize.

• The individual whose video has the most shares and likes combined will receive a cash prize of $500.00. 

• The individual who gets the most people to register to vote will receive a cash prize of $300.00, which will be verified after the challenge ends. 

• The individual with the most creative video (judged by Turnout Nation staff) will receive a cash prize of $200.00.

• All prize winners and the top 20 individuals with the most shares/likes will have their videos featured on the Turnout Nation website and social media outlets.

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