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Becoming a Captain takes 10 minutes!

Captains spend a little time each week helping 10 people they know vote with support and resources from Turnout Nation -- all from their mobile phone. 
Why join Turnout Nation captains in making a difference? 
  • You know your friends best. Having a quick chat about voting with a friend is more genuine and persuasive than getting endless calls and texts from strangers.
  • There's no pressure to talk about a specific candidate or issue. To amplify your impact, all you have to do is use Turnout Nation resources to help people make their voting plan. 
  • It's a way to connect with the people around you during these isolating times and earn community service hours. Checking in on friends, family, neighbors, acquaintances, and club or faith based community members is a way to show that you care about their voice and representation. 
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Click the buttons to get connected on the app. If you'd like us to get you started over the phone, schedule a 1:1 call here

Get connected on the app!

There's more to being a Captain than using the Empower app, but it does make it easier.

Brainstorm 10 friends

Add 10 names of people you want to help vote We won't sell or share anyone's data.

Start reaching  out

Follow the prompts to start reaching out to your voters. An organizer will get in touch to offer support.

Make an impact

Keep track of your 10 contacts to make sure they're ready to vote in the next election. 

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