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Go Vote Flyers

Voter Turnout Study

Thank you friend of Taso for agreeing to become a Captain in this voter turnout trial. What you need to do:
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Don't talk to any of those ten or get any of this information from them, just give us your best guess. When you have put in those ten names, within a few hours or the next day we will text you a link with an app to download that will have the name of five randomly selected of the ten you gave us. Do not discuss with the five who are not selected, but do your best to get those five in the app to vote.


Maybe they have already voted, maybe you will need to help them. Maybe they haven't registered yet. We will not communicate with them, it is your job to do your best to get them to vote. After the election we will let you know which of your five voted and the overall results of the trial.


We really really appreciate it! 

Fill out the form linked below with names of people who are at least 18 years old by Election Day 3 November 2020 and no older than 25 years old. Put their first name, Last name, Age on election day (or best guess), and which city, neighborhood, street. They don't have to be registered to vote. We will also get your name, email and phone number.

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