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Become a Voting Captain

Voting Captains commit to helping 10 people they know vote in the next election! It's the most effective way to turnout the vote ever studied. We'll give you tips, voting information, and deadline reminders. Here's how to get started:

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Attend a 20 Minute Zoom Training

on how to use our the app tools help your friends vote. We'll never spam you.

Add Your Friends

Add the names of people you want to help vote. We won't sell anyone's data.

Ensure They're Registered

If any of them are not registered, you’ll work with them to get registered - we’ll give you the info you need. 

Make an Impact

An organizer will give you everything you need to keep your voters updated. 

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Click the buttons to get connected on the app. If you'd like us to get you started over the phone, schedule a quick call here. To join our next captain community call 12/16 on zoom, register here.
Why join Turnout Nation captains in making a difference? 
You know your friends best. Having a quick chat about voting with a friend is more genuine and persuasive than getting endless calls and texts from strangers. 
There's no pressure to talk about a specific candidate or issue. To amplify your impact, all you have to do is use Turnout Nation resources to help people make their voting plan. We verify community service hours.

Ready to get going?

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