Our Captains

Our Captains are

our core

Our Captains are the heart and soul of Turnout Nation. Keep reading to learn more about both the role and some of the amazing individuals on our team. Then, when you're ready, join us.

The role of a Captain

A Captain's job is important and straight-forward — get 10 people you know to vote. Turnout Nation helps by making sure those people are registered, providing state-specific info on voting places, and connecting you with other successful Captains in your area.

We also have super-Captains we call Organizers - these are successful Captains who are looking to do more. They help recruit other Captains, train them, and work to make Turnout Nation even better.

Where our Captains are from

Our Captains come from all kinds of backgrounds, age groups, and occupations. Right now, most are located in Georgia, Maine, and North Carolina, but more are joining from other states every day.

Their journey to Turnout Nation

A lot of our Captains consider themselves activists, and some don't. Many of them have been politically active for a long time, while others are new to it. They all joined Turnout Nation for similar reasons: to make meaningful, long-lasting change in the communities they care about.

Hear from

our Captains & Organizers

Trent - North Carolina

Blythe - Maine

Jack Henry - Georgia


I think in today's society people have lost faith in the political system. I feel like it goes up and down depending on the candidate, but mostly I feel that people are not voting as much as they did in the 1960s or the 1970s and there were more constraints back then. The younger generation is like 'If I do it or don’t it, it doesn’t change anything,' but I feel like, even if you feel it doesn’t change anything, it’s your right, so why won’t you do it?

I've really loved my experience with Turnout Nation. I've loved being able to communicate with people in my hometown; with my parents, siblings, neighbors, and friends... talking to them about what their political views are, what they think is the most effective way to encourage people to vote. I've also loved that Turnout Nation is completely non-partisan... it's simply encouraging them to get out and vote and participate in exercising their rights as a citizen of the United States.

Turnout Nation is nice for a few reasons. I like that it’s something that I can present in a bi-partisan light. As someone that does a lot of work with a certain political party and as someone who identifies strongly as a Democrat it’s nice to present something as not just a democratic cause, but this is for strengthening our democracy in general and that our elections are healthy and people are actually having their voice heard and are operating in a sustainable political system.


These are some of our most successful Captains, ones who have stepped up to help with recruitment, onboarding, and much more. Turnout Nation has many opportunities for growth and development for motivated Captains.

We need you on

our team.

If you're ready to make a commitment — to get 10 people you know to vote — we're ready to bring you on board. Let's get to work.


Turnout Nation is a fiscally-sponsored project of The Social Good Fund, a 501(c)3 organization. We're not-for-profit and nonpartisan. Turnout Nation equips people who care deeply about voting - people we call Captains - with the tools and info they need to ultimately get more Americans to the polls. 



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