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Captain Code of Conduct

Our Community Guidelines 

Turnout Nation is a non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing voter turnout. We’re committed to creating a safe, tolerant, and open community. To that end, we require all new members and partners to read, agree to, and act in accordance with this code of conduct.

How we Speak to One Another 

We are a diverse, inclusive community, and as a member of our Turnout Nation community, you are required to refrain from using language that alienates any person based on their gender, ethnicity, nationality, age, or religion. This is an open, welcoming environment and every one of our members has a right to claim this space. We have a zero tolerance policy toward hate speech. As a member of Turnout Nation, I agree to not participate in hate speech in any form. If anyone propagates hate speech, whether that be in person or online, I will report it immediately to a staff member.  Anyone caught spouting hateful language and/or actively engaging with groups who use this rhetoric will immediately be barred from the organization and have their account suspended. 

How we ACT Towards One Another 

The core of what we do is about uniting personal networks, working as a collective to turn out the vote. How we interact with one another matters, which is why individuals or groups who use or advocate violence are prohibited from participating. 


Thank you for your cooperation and welcome aboard! 

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