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Voting Captains commit to helping their friends and family vote. Our research  shows it's the most effective way to increase voter turnout in our communities.

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Help 10+ people make a voting plan with help from a local organizer!


Frequently asked questions

What is a Voting Captain?

Someone who volunteers to get-out-the-vote by talking to their friends and family about making a voting plan. This is a quick, easy and covid-safe volunteer opportunity to get out the vote. Studies have shown that talking to friends and family is the most effective way to increase voter turnout.

Why should you become a Voting Captain?

You know your friends best. Having a quick chat about voting with a friend is more genuine and persuasive than getting endless calls and texts from strangers.

There's no pressure to talk about a specific candidate or issue. To amplify your impact, all you have to do is use Turnout Nation resources to help people make their voting plan. To collaborate with Voting Captains from around the country, join our community Slack space.

How does the Empower app help Voting Captains get out the vote?

The Empower app has you make a list of the 10+ people you plan to talk to about voting. After putting in their city, you'll get voting information about upcoming local elections. You'll also get prompted to get people on your list registered to vote, help them make a voting plan, and remind them about registration and mail-in-ballot deadlines for upcoming elections. The app will also allow you to connect with a Turnout Nation Organizer, who is there to support you by answering voting questions and giving advice on talking to friends and family about voting. Our voter guides on the app will have all the key information about your upcoming elections and instructions on how to register your friends to vote.

How can I get the Empower app?

Schedule a quick Zoom orientation with one of our Organizers and we will give you the link to download the app.

Who can I contact with questions?

You can email us:

What is the process for volunteering as a Voting Captain?

How do I become an Organizer?

If you're interested in organizing with us, we also offer paid Fellowships.

What does it mean to be a non-partisan organization?

We are not associated with any candidates or political parties. Voting Captains work to get-out-the-vote in their communities but there is no pressure to talk about specific candidates or issues.

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