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Our Mission

Turnout Nation is a network of engaged Americans looking to increase turnout. We use a method of relational organizing that helps activists commit to get ten of their friends to register and vote. Relational organizing simply means that activists focus on supporting the people they know to register as opposed to stranger-to-stranger efforts. It relies on the strength of social bonds and accountability.

We believe turnout really, really matters.

Turnout decides elections and is crucial to a functioning democracy. Since 2000, turnout in presidential elections has varied between 50% and 59% of eligible voters. In midterm elections, turnout is lower: In 2014, populous states such as New York experienced turnout of less than 29%. Many local elections have single digit turnout. 

Small changes in turnout can lead to very different outcomes. Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential race by fewer than 80,000 votes (which gave him the electoral college votes of Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania). His margin of victory in those states was between 0.2% and 0.8%. 

Why traditional turnout

methods don't work

Campaign-driven turnout efforts (as opposed to free-standing, non-partisan efforts like ours) use old-fashioned techniques to try and get people to the polls. Those tools focus on one-way communication between campaign professionals, the volunteers they recruit and deploy and the demographic groups they have decided to focus on. At best, the turnout increase is in the low single digits. 

Why we're different

Turnout Nation gives activists a start-to-finish method to support their friends from registration to the ballot box.  The success of the method isn't measured in messages sent to strangers, but in how many people successfully vote, a metric that is tracked using information in the public domain.


Turnout Nation is a fiscally-sponsored project of The Social Good Fund, a 501(c)3 organization. We're not-for-profit and nonpartisan. Turnout Nation equips people who care deeply about voting - people we call Captains - with the tools and info they need to ultimately get more Americans to the polls. 



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